Legal advisory

Corporate advisory

The services provided by our Law Firm include in particular :

  • selection of the best legal form of business
  • incorporation and registration of companies and other entities
  • restructuring, mergers and de-mergers of companies
  • support for the sale of shares and assets in companies
  • defining relations between the shareholders and the company
  • support in obtaining permits and licences to operate business activities
  • drafting company internal regulations
  • support for business liquidation and debt collection



Property and Construction Law

We provide services with regard to property development, in particular:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of the property and risk assessment of the transaction
  • developing strategies for financing of investments, including tax issues
  • supporting investment processes (environmental decisions, building permits, planning permissions, permission for use)
  • support for real estate transactions, advising on the most suitable financial and tax solutions
  • preparing contracts for property transactions and a full range of services for all aspects of property development projects



Medical and pharmaceutical law

We provide consulting services and also represent our Clients - healthcare providers, patients, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies - especially in the field of:

  • advising on matters relating to day-to-day operation of healthcare providers and provision of medical care
  • claims resulting from medical malpractice or negligence, commonly known as clinical errors
  • National Health Fund proceedings, in particular in the field of contracting health care services
  • Regional Board for Assessment of Medical Events proceedings
  • preventing and counteracting unfair competition in the medical market
  • clinical trials of medicinal products (in particular, contracts and contacts with bioethics committees and the President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products)
  • advertising medicinal products
  • protection of personal rights of medical staff and patients



Employment law and social security

Our Law Firm provides advisory services relating to legal aspects of employment, in particular:

  • employment optimisation, including legal and tax issues
  • establishing employment relationships under employment contracts or other forms of employment agreements and preparing relevant documentation
  • workforce optimisation on the managerial level (managers contracts)
  • corporate internal policies drafting such as collective agreements, regulations or statutes
  • supporting Clients in negotiations with employees’ representatives and trade unions
  • ongoing consultation on employee benefits and other obligations of employers
  • representing Clients in disputes with employees and during inspections


Civil and family law

We offer legal services for individuals, in particular in the following areas:

  • inheritance law and contract law (preparation or interpretation of contracts, assistance in debt recovery, advising on will drafting and inheritance procedure)
  • family law (divorce, separation, contact with the child)



Criminal law and petty offences

We defend our Clients in court proceedings and assist victims of crime during the trial.